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Abutilon hybrida (Variegated Orange Flowering Maple)

Life: Perennial

Size: up to 8'

Light: Partial Shade

Water: Moist, with Good Drainage

Soil: Rich and Light

The leaves are large and maple-shaped, with beautiful cream-to-yellow varigation. Very fast growing, this plant blooms almost non-stop during the warm months, or even close to year-round if kept indoors near a sunny window with enough light. The flowers are bell-shaped, bright orange with darker orange veins, and are extremely attractive to humming birds. Has a rangey, vine-like growth habit that can easily be trained into an espalier, patio tree, or large shrub. If the branch tips are regularly pinched out, it will maintain a more compact form and also produce more flowers. Is generally root-hardy this far south, but may grow as an annual further north.