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Abutilon sp. (Abutilon ‘Bella’ Series)

Life: Perennial

Size: 14-18"

Light: Filtered or Half-Day Sun

Water: Average

Soil: Light, Rich, Mildy Acidic

A very floriferous dwarf variety of Flowering Maple. The blooms are rather large, about 3" across, and face out rather than down. The well-branched, rounded little plant will be covered from spring to frost with these gorgeous flowers in mostly pastel shades of apricot, coral, pink, red, salmon and white. It is a precocious bloomer and may begin to flower at only 6" tall. A delightful container plant, they should be brought in for protection during the winter; in this way, they may be enjoyed for many years. In the ground, they behave more like an annual.