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Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera ‘Macho’)

Life: Perennial

Size: 18-24"

Light: Full to Partial Sun

Water: Moderate with Winter Dormancy, Well Drained, Drought Tollerant

Soil: Moderately Fertile

Most famous for their medical properties; an application of fresh Aloe gel from the inside of the leaves can take away most of the pain and prevent blistering of minor burns, and it is also useful for itch relief from insect bites and poison ivy. A semi-tropical succulent, it is actually 95% water and so must be protected from freezing at all costs. They make excellent houseplants, provided there is enough light, and enjoy being placed outdoors for the summer. Though drought tollerant, they prefer regular moisture with good drainage; during the winter, they will go semi-dormant and should be watered very sparingly. Older plants will send up spikes of bright coral flowers that are often visited by hummingbirds.