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Aristolochia gigantea braziliensis (‘Godzilla’ Godzilla Pipevine/Pelican Flower)

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Life: Perennial

Size: 20-30'

Light: Full Sun with Afternoon Shade

Water: Moderate, Well-Drained

Soil: Any

The name says it all: this flower is BIG - up to a foot across and two feet long! The enormous petals have lacey white markings over rich rose-burgundy, are produced all summer and fall, and have a mild lemon scent in contrast to their striking visual presence. The leaves are no shrimps, either, being beautiful green six inch hearts. It is vigorous and undemanding, with the foliage tollerating a mild frost and the roots being hardy down to 25° F. Like all Aristolochias, it attracts butterflies. Now imagine a butterfly big enough to be in proportion to those flowers!