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Begonia boliviensis (Begonia ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Bellfire’)

Life: Perennial

Size: 10"

Light: Filtered Sun, Morning Sun, Bright Shade

Water: Moist, Well-Drained

Soil: Some Sand to Clay Loam

Perfect for containers and hanging baskets, these cascading Begonias have serrated leaves and large amounts of pendulous blooms. Though tuberous Begonias can be a challenge this far south, these varieties will perform well here, provided they are sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. During the long growing season, keep the soil moist to ensure a profusion of flowers and to keep them from going dormant early. When the days get short in late fall and winter, they will likely enter their period of dormancy; when this happens, they will need very little, if any, water. So long as the soil is kept well-drained throughout the winter, new growth will emerge in late spring. ‘Bonfire’ has flaming red-orange blooms and deeply serrated leaves with red-tinged edges; ‘Bellfire’ has hot coral pink bell-shaped blooms, deep plum-colored leaves, and a slightly bushier growth habit.