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Begonia x benariensis (Begonia ‘Big™’ Series)

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Life: Perennial

Size: 20"

Light: Any (may not take Full Summer Sun)

Water: Average, Well-Drained

Soil: Fertile

A brand new Begonia hybrid series, BIG™ blooms earlier and is more vigorous than any other Begonia species on the market. A hybrid of angel wind and fibrous cultivars, the flowers are two and a half inches across and will appear en masse all summer long, no matter the light exposure (Caution: These are new for us, so we can not confirm that they will actually tolerate full, all day sun this far south over the entire summer.). The leaves are large and glossy, with slightly pointed tips, and come in both bronze and green varieties. The bronze-leafed plants can have red or rose pink blooms, but the green currently only comes in red. Excellent for all plantings and landscapings, it works well in beds as a mass planting or as an edge, or in containers. In ground, they should be spaced twelve to fifteen inches appart, and must be protected from freezing.