JJL Greenhouse Inc

Bellis perennis (‘Speedstar’ Mix English Daisies)

Life: Northern Perennial, Texas Annual

Size: 6-7"

Light: Partial Sun with Midday Shade

Water: Normal to Moist

Soil: Neutral to Mildy Acidic, Some Sand to Some Clay

Often overlooked in Houston, these northern plants make great cool weather annuals, blooming from fall to spring with semi-double, golden-yellow centered flowers in rose, white, and carmine. So long as you deadhead the spent blooms regularly, they will continue to produce explosions of new buds until the heat overtakes them. This cultivar was specifically developed to allow for both fall and spring production. In the winter, they do best with full sun, but as spring arrives some midday shade is best. They do well in containers as well as in the ground, making it easy to move them to a better location for different parts of the year.