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Brassica oleracea (Broccoli ‘Premium Crop’)

Life: Biennial grown as Annual

Size: 2-3'

Light: Full Sun

Water: Average Water with Good Drainage

Soil: Any Neutral

55 days to maturity. F-1 hybrid. All America Selection winner. This tall upright plant produces large, 7-9", firm, dark green heads with the ability to hold its quality longer on the plant than most varieties. Widely used by processors and home gardeners due in part to its resistance to heat and fusarium wilt. Harvest when the buds on the head are firm and tight, cutting 5 to 10 inches down on the stalk; smaller side shoots will be produced until the weather is too hot. A cool weather crop, in the Houston area it should be planted in the fall, giving it adequate time to mature before spring temps stay in the 80s causing it to bolt (go to flower and then to seed). Prepare soil in full sun, adding nitrogen if necessary and neutralizing heavily alkaline or acid soil. Space plants 18" apart; in rows 2' apart. Broccoli may also be grown in 7 gallon containers, 1 plant per pot.