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Brassica oleracea var. capitata (Cabbage ‘Ruby Perfection’)

Life: Biennial grown as Annual

Size: 1'

Light: Full Sun

Water: Moist with Good Drainage

Soil: Any Neutral

85 days to maturity. F-1 hybrid. This vigorous variety produces 3-4 pound, 7-8" diameter, round, tight heads of flavorful, crisp, deep red leaves, perfect for slaws or for cooking and with great storing potential. Cabbage is a cool season crop which, this far south, is best planted in the fall. This gives plenty of time to maturity before spring temps consistently reach 80 degrees at which time, the plants will bolt (go to flower and then to seed). Cabbage is easily grown in rich, pH neutral, consistently moist, well-drained soil. Space plants 12-18" apart in rows 1½-2' apart in full sun. Add a balanced fertilizer at planting and a dose of ammonium nitrate about a month into the growing season. Mulch plants to protect the shallow roots, retain moisture and prevent soil from splashing into the head as it forms. Harvest when the heads get firm and while they are still brightly colored; smaller side-heads may form after the main head is harvested. Cabbage heads may split if not harvested promptly.