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Brugmansia sp. (Angels’ Trumpets)

Life: Perennial

Size: 20' tall, 15' wide

Light: Bright or Filtered Shade, especially in Summer

Water: Moderate, heavier in Summer

Soil: Rich, Neutral to Slightly Alkaline

A dramatic South American plant with huge trumpet-shaped flowers eight inches long or more and a rich, exotic fragrance. The flowers may come in pink, yellow, salmon, white, cream, or peach, and there is also a red variety that is less heat tollerant and should be grown in a cooled greenhouse during the summer. All varieties will produce massive amounts of blooms hanging down from between large green or green-variegated-white leaves. They are a fast growing deciduous shrub, but it is quite possible to keep them in a container for many years before they need to be planted in the ground. Containerized plants may have spider mites, mealy bugs, and white flies; those in the ground are usually pest free. Though a tropical, they are root hardy in Houston, but a hard freeze may kill all or part of the top growth, and in fact it is more often summer heat and drought that will get them. Make sure they have plenty of water in summer, and that there is enough shade from direct burning sun; in winter, a brighter environment may be prefered. All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested.