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Brunfelsia americana (Lady of the Night)

Life: Perennial

Size: 5'

Light: Partial Shade

Water: Average, Well Drained

Soil: Rich, Humus

From the West Indies comes this wonderfully fragrant plant. While not scented during the day, at night the rich and addictive fragrance can be smelled up to a hundred feet away, particularly on humid evenings; a single branch, cut after sundown, can perfume a house for many days. The beautiful scent is a complex combination of jasmine with rich undertones of cloves, Oriental five-spice powder, and cinnamon. The flowers themselves are elegant and simple, three to five inches long and white turning to pale yellow as they age, can last for several days at a time, and will appear in repeating cycles from spring until frost. Though classified as a shrub, it is thin and delicate with a moderate branching habit and dark green, leathery leaves that set off the bright blooms. It should be kept in a large container and protected from wind and winter cold. So long as extra humidity is provided, it can do wonderfully indoors as well.