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Buddleia lindleyana (Lindley's Butterfly Bush)

Life: Perennial

Size: 10' tall, 4' wide

Light: Full to Partial Sun

Water: Average, Well Drained, Somewhat Drought Tollerant Once Established

Soil: Any, Somewhat Salt Tollerant

A little-known Chinese variety, this is one of the best Butterfly Bushes for the hot, humid Gulf coast. It looks nothing like the more common B. davidii, instead being a dense shrub that can be limbed up into a small tree and does not need to be cut to the ground each year, with a cascading growth habit. The leaves are a lustrous dark green, and the flowers are produced on spikes two feet long or more from spring until fall. Its constant blooming habit and sweet fragrance will, as its name suggests, attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. The beautiful pendulous blooms also make excellent cut flowers that will last for a long time. It is not particularly picky about soil, and does have a tendency to sucker, but these are easily removed if desired.