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Bulbine frutescens

Life: Perennial

Size: 12-16"

Light: Full Sun to Light Shade

Water: Light to Moderate with Good Drainage, Drought Tollerant Once Established

Soil: Any, Tollerant of Poor Soil

A succulent ground cover from the South African coast, this plant has fleshy, light green leaves which form open rosettes and thin, wiry stems topped with beautiful orange or yellow star-shaped flowers with frilly stamens above the foliage from spring to fall, and sporadically during warm winters as well. It is hardy to 20°F. Both kinds will reproduce themselves via underground rhizomes to create wide clumps; divisions can be easily made and rooted elsewhere if desired. The yellow variety has leaves that are typically twice as wide as the orange, and it is normally a couple inches taller as well. There is also a compact yellow variety on the market sometimes refered to as "Dwarf Yellow Bulbine", the same common name as B. latifolia, which is a true dwarf with much broader leaves and thicker bloom stems.