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Calibrachoa sp. (‘Noa’ Series)

Life: Annual, Indoor Perenial

Size: 6-12"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Average, Well Drained

Soil: Rich, Acidic Loam

A close reletive of the petunia, they are often called "trailing petunias" or "million bells", for the number and shape of their blooms. They will produce hundreds of brightly colored, 1" wide, trumpet shaped, petunia-like flowers from spring until the beginning of hot weather; plant them in either early spring or fall, but protect overwintering plants from freezing temperatures. They are vigorous, fast growing, well branched, and do not need deadheading. With their trailing habit, they are excellent for spilling out of pots and hanging baskets, or as a cool-weather ground cover in raised beds. The flowers will attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.