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Caryopteris incana (‘Blue Myth’ Blue Spirea/Bluebeard)

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Life: Perennial

Size: 3'

Light: Full Sun

Water: Average to Dry, Well Drained, Drought Tollerant Once Established

Soil: Loose, Loamy

Easily the longest-blooming Caryopteris yet! The entire bush will be covered from mid-summer to fall in spikes of fragrant, deep blue blooms. The grey-green foliage is pleasantly aromatic as well, and it is ideal for hummingbird and butterfly gardens as well as cut flowers. It is also small enough to be kept in a container and will not overpower neighboring garden plants. It is wonderfully tollerant of Texas heat as well as drought, and prefers that the soil become slightly dry between waterings. Since it blooms only on new growth, it requires a hard pruning in early spring (not fall!).