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Celosia plumose (Celosia ‘Fresh Look’ Series)

Life: Annual

Size: 12-15"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Average, Well-Drained

Soil: Rich, Mildly Acidic to Neutral, Loam to Sandy Loam, but Adaptable

AAS Gold Medal Winner! Considered by many to be the best plumed Celosia on the market. The plants have a compact, well-branched growth habit, are adaptable to many climates and soil types, and produce multitudes of large, bright flowers for a remarkably long blooming season: spring to fall. The intensely-colored inflorescence can reach up to 10" long on top of the plant; they come in red, orange, yellow, or gold. Best of all, the blooms do not need to be deadheaded; new buds will simply form around the old flowers. Excellent for pots and containers.