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Citrus limon (‘Pink Lemonade’ Variegated Eureka Lemon)

Life: Perennial

Size: 6-12'

Light: Full Sun

Water: Regular with Good Drainage

Soil: Acidic Loam

A very colorful variety of the most popular lemon cultivar, it has beautifully variegated green and white leaves, fragrant white flowers tipped with purple, and 3" green and yellow striped fruit with pink flesh. The fruits are juicy, have relatively fewer seeds, and are less acidic than regular lemons; riper fruits will be sweeter. Yes, it really is good for making pink lemonade! It is self-pollenating and does not need to be grafted onto the roots of other trees. It is hardy into the 20's and rarely needs pruning in the ground. It is perfectly capable of being kept in a container as an attractive bushy shrub or dwarf tree; if it becomes rootbound and you do not wish to buy a larger pot, then trim off a third of the roots and a third of the top growth and repot it in the same container. Do this only before the new spring growth starts.