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Clerodendrum thomsoniae delectum
(Purple Bleeding Heart Vine)

Life: Perennial

Size: 5' tall, 2' wide

Light: Bright Shade

Water: Moist, Well Drained

Soil: Fertile, Acidic to Neutral Loam to Sand

Also sold as C. speciosum, C. delectum, C. phillippinum, or C. balfouri, it is one of the few vines that will bloom in the shade, though it must not be too deeply shaded. It is a unique color variation of the more familiar Bleeding Heart vine, with deep red flowers and a purple to lavender bract behind them. An excellent climber, it should be trained on an arbor or trellis, or used in the landscape where it can run up a tree or fence. Plant it in a location sheltered from extreme cold, or keep it in a container that can be moved to shelter in winter. The only pruning that should be necessary is to trim dead twigs and tips following frost damage.