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Clerodendrum ugandense (Blue Butterfly Clerodendrum)

Life: Perennial

Size: 10'

Light: Partial Midday Shade

Water: Average to Moist, Well Drained, Somewhat Drought Tollerant Once Established

Soil: Fertile, Mildly Acidic to Neutral Loam to Sand

An open and sprawling shrub that may easily be kept pruned smaller than its maximum size. They can be pruned at any time, as they will bloom profusely on new growth. From spring until fall, 4-10" panacles composed of 1" flowers are borne on the ends of long, arching branches. Each bloom has four pale blue lobes and one violet-blue lobe that, with the stamens forming antenae, look like miniature two-toned butterflies in flight. They are root-hardy, deciduous, and will benefit from a heavy pruning in spring.