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Clitoria ternatea (Blue Butterfly Pea Vine)

Life: Annual, Perennial with Protection

Size: 8-15'

Light: Full to Partial Sun

Water: Average, Well Drained, Somwhat Drought Tollerant Once Established

Soil: Any

The vines are fast-growing, non-invasive, and need support for climbing. Though technically an annual, with winter protection it will continue to produce its deep blue flowers non-stop all year round. Flowers are 1½" long, 1" across, may be single or double, and can rarely be found as white or lavender-pink instead of blue. After flowering, a flat seed pod 5" long may be harvested to plant the following year. Very tollerant of soil types and pH, but is especially good in alkaline clay soils where little else grows. Though drought tollerant, it will reward an ocassional watering with even more spectacular flowers, but requires good drainage.