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Crinum oliganthum (Dwarf Crinum ‘West Indies Mini’)

Life: Perennial

Size: 4-6"

Light: Bright Shade to Filtered Sun, Full Sun with Extra Water

Water: Moist to Average, Good Drainage

Soil: Rich Sandy Loam

Originally imported from gardens in St. Croix in the Caribbean, this outstanding variety is one of the smallest of the family. Traveling underground it forms large colonies of 4-6" tall, dark green, strap-shaped foliage, from which pure white, 3" star-like blooms on 6" stems appear on and off all summer. The slightly fragrant flowers occur singly, like rain lilies, rather than in umbels like other Crinums and even tiny bulbs yield flowers. Use this vigorous plant as a small-scale groundcover in damp to dryish, well-drained beds in bright shade or filtered sun. With a little more moisture, they will also take full sun. Foliage may die back during hard winters but reappears quickly the following spring.