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Cucumis sativus (Cucumber ‘Peppi II’)

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Life: Biennial grown as Annual

Size: 12-18"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Moist to Average, Good Drainage

Soil: Rich, Acid to Neutral Sandy Loam to Clay Loam

48 days to maturity. F-1 hybrid. Full-size, 8" fruit on short vines, makes this variety an excellent candidate for containers as well as the garden. Place plants in full sun, about 12-18" apart in wide, raised rows to insure good drainage. The use of mulch is encouraged to conserve moisture, maintain a high soil temperature and keep weeds under control. Plus it helps prevent soft spots from developing where the fruit rests on the ground. Growing cucumbers vertically dramatically increases yields because the vines receive better air circulation and more sunlight than vines on the ground, plus it makes for straighter fruit. Cucumbers are heavy feeders and need adequate moisture to do well. Mix compost or a balanced fertilizer into the soil before planting and reapply fertilizer when plants start to flower and bear fruit. Cucumbers are best harvested young before their seeds are fully developed. Don't allow the fruits to become overripe as this tells the plant that the seed process is nearly complete and it will shut down; keeping fruits picked encourages further production. For the best flavor, harvest the fruits early in the morning before the sun hits them.