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Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Night Blooming Cereus)

Life: Perennial

Size: 8-10'

Light: Filtered or Morning Sun

Water: Average to Semi-Dry, Well Drained

Soil: Acidic, Loose, Sandy with Organic Matter

Often refered to as "Queen of the Night" for its white, fragrant blossoms that open at dusk and fade the following morning. They are up to 8" across and smell slightly like vanilla, as well as something uniquely beautiful. The leaves are 1½" wide, flat, and quite long, with scalloped edges. They are true epiphytes and should be grown in a mixture of soil and eiter orchid bark or tree fern fiber. Easy to grow, they need to be protected from frost and should be kept in hanging baskets. They are also easily propegated; just take a cutting of a segment at the joint and place it in slightly moist growing medium with the leading end sticking out of the soil - but do be careful, as both ends tend to look alike!