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Eruca sativa (Arugula)

Life: Annual

Size: 12-18"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Average, Slightly Moist

Soil: Rich

More often used as a leaf vegetable than an herb, it is nonetheless often found among the herbs at a nursery. Pick only the young leaves once the plant has several mature ones; so long as the old leaves are left on, it will continue to produce more young leaves for you. Its peppery taste makes it a popular salad green, either on its own or in a mix. It can also be used alongside pasta dishes as a vegetable, or sprinkled over a freshly baked pizza. It is high in iron and vitamin C. The small white flowers with dark centers are also edible and can be sprinkled over salads as a garnish. It prefers the cooler months of the fall, winter, and spring, but do protect it from a freeze. As the summer heats up, the leaves will begin to taste hotter and will not grow as large, until finally the plant gives way under the heat, but not before going to seed if allowed. Sometimes called Roquette or Rucola. Works well in containers as well as the garden.