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Lupinus texensis (Bluebonnets)

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Life: Annual

Size: 6-12"

Light: Full Sun

Water: Normal to Dry, Well Drained

Soil: Poor to Average, Sandy Loam to Some Clay, Neutral pH

Recognizable as the Texas state flower, they bloom with massive profusion along roads and in yards and uncultivated pastures all across the state. They have a characteristic dense spike of bright blue flowers with ice-white tips. They are winter-hardy and are best planted in fall to give them time to reach full size before they bloom the following spring. They require good drainage and must be planted on a slope or in a container or raised bed. They also like full sun and will appear scraggly in the shade. If you want them to reseed for the next year, be sure to not mow them down until the seed pods have ripened and dispersed.